–    Frequently Asked Questions    –

What happens in your classes and what can I expect?

At CUT Fitness you can expect a fast paced mix of cardio and weight training, set to playlists that motivate you to keep moving and maximize your time. Our trainers create total-body workouts, split body workouts and core specific workouts that help everyone meet their personal goals. You will have something different every day of the week so your body and mind do not get board and complacent. Try a class today.

How do I schedule a class?

Call our studios 949-284-0170 or visit the Online Schedule page for links to our schedule. You can also download our free smartphone App for Android & iPhone. Select a class time that works for you and follow the registration steps.

Will I die, pass out or throw up?

We get this question from almost everyone who is a little intimidated to start. You aren’t going to die, you’ll only get stronger after each class! The best part about our classes is that every client, at whatever fitness level, can get a great workout. If you feel like you’re going to pass out or throw up, just take a second and lengthen your recovery time before easing back into class. This is your workout.

What should I bring to my first class?

Workout clothes, appropriate shoes, water and lots of energy! Please bring ID on your your first visit.

Do you have a beginner's class?

All classes are scaleable for all levels of fitness. If you’re just starting to workout, don’t be afraid to just take your first class to get acquainted with the equipment, and push yourself when you feel comfortable to do so. Our trainers are very helpful and will help ensure you take it at your pace.

Do you offer a discounted class?

Yes! Your first class is only $10.

I work out all the time but I can't seem to lose weight. Can you help me?

Yes. We understand that eating well plays a big role in how you feel and look. Our classes are designed to build a strong physical foundation and our personalized meal plans will help increase energy levels and help you look better too. Schedule a free consultation with one of our trainers today to figure out what you need to eat for your specific goals and lifestyle.

Do you offer Personal One-On-One Training?

Yes! We provide three levels of services. Personal Training for one-on-one sessions, small group training for private and semi-private small groups and regular classes for anyone looking to get a safe and effective workout. Please click here to visit  our Personal Fitness Training Page for more information.

Do you offer SPARTAN Obstacle Course trainings?

AROO! Yes, we have Spartan specific training programs available for private and semi-private groups looking to do their best in their next Spartan Race.