Are You Still Motivated to Reach Your Fitness Goal?

Anyone who’s undertaken a fitness goal knows that motivation is the pillar of their success. It’s what raises the most determined of athletes from their beds at 5 a.m., it’s what makes an endurance runner push past his limitations and it’s what makes a single mother of three squeeze in workouts during nap time. But results plateau for even the most motivated of warriors. That’s okay, it happens to everyone. Whether it’s due to lack of motivation or lack of positivity, here are a couple ways to boost a fitness regime to the next level:

Where to Find Motivation?

If results start to wane, it might be a strong sign that there’s a change in recent motivation. For almost anyone, self-motivation can be a tiring and a constant struggle. It’s not uncommon to have external motivators – although sometimes it’s difficult for an individual to pinpoint exactly what is motivating them. Take a moment to fully inspect what the motivation for fitness is at the moment. It might even be the case that the external motivator has disappeared (e.g., to go on vacation or to a wedding), in which case it’s time to find a new one.

So how can a person find fresh motivation? Perhaps by starting from the beginning again. Wake up early, change a routine, set a new goal. Alternatively, add in a new sport, competition or a new fitness club to shake things up.

Where to Find Positivity?

It’s healthy to take stock of whether the influences around a person are positive and constructive – if not, it may be holding them back. Sometimes the people closest can make it difficult to stay healthy, or make continually healthy decisions. It’s important to be surrounded by supportive, equally healthy people. Having a chat with these people can determine if this relationship can be strengthened and more supportive.

Can increased happiness be found in other areas of life? Perhaps the lack of motivation is due to feeling stuck at work or in other areas of life. Maybe mix it up a bit. Think about making a career move, pick up a new hobby or make some new friends. A fresh injection of something new to get excited about might be just the thing to push to the next level.

Healthy Snacks

It’s 3:00PM.  Just three hours ago you had lunch yet your dinner plans aren’t until 7:00PM!? What should you do? It’s obvious that grabbing a snack needs to be the next thing on your agenda. Over the years, as more processed foods high in fat and sodium have been produced, snacking has unfortunately gotten a bad rep.  If you are snacking on the right kinds of foods though, having a snack will benefit you from overeating at meals and help give you a boost of energy, both mentally and physically.  Naturally, we typically get hungry every 3-4 hours causing our blood sugar to take a dip below its regular level. Here are a few healthy snack ideas that will combat your low energy levels and keep you away from that bag of chips!

  1. Nuts: Nuts are a great kind of snack, especially when you are on the go.  Almonds, pistachios, and cashews have been noted as the nuts with the lowest calories. Besides being a nutritious snack, some nuts even have additional health benefits.  For example, walnuts have been considered to be a heart healthy snack that is said to reduce inflammation and increase oxidation in your arteries.  Make sure to be conscientious about how the nuts you are eating have been processed. Avoid nuts that are packaged or roasted in oil.  Nuts that have been roasted or dry are a better choice.
  2. Rolled Up Turkey: A lean protein like turkey is a great way to recharge.  If you are adventurous, you might like to try it with a dab of mustard or wrapped around a stick of cucumber.  When buying your turkey, keep a look out for sodium nitrites and sodium nitrates.  These ingredients can increase the risk of heart disease and other related heart issues.
  3. Celery & Almond Butter:  Craving a refreshing crunch? Then celery and almond butter is the perfect snack option for you! Celery contains a high water density and is already a low calorie food while almond butter is a healthy alternative to a creamy dressing.
  4. Hard Boiled Egg: Once viewed as causing high cholesterol, studies have revealed that the true culprit of high cholesterol is actually saturated fats.  Eggs are both low calorie and high in protein, containing roughly 6 grams of protein per egg.  Eggs are also one of the few foods capable of providing us with vitamin D, a vitamin that promotes calcium absorption and prevents our bones from becoming thin and brittle.  A fresh crack of pepper is a nutritious way to add a hint of flavor to your hard boiled egg.
  5. Rice Cake & Almond Butter: Looking for something to supplement your craving for salty chips and crackers? Try rice cakes!  Rice cakes are not particularly nutrient rich, although they are low calorie and are paired nicely with a thin swipe of almond butter for a little extra taste.
  6. Tuna: Low in fat, rich in protein, canned tuna fish definitely fits the description of a healthy snack.  Although having it dry is the healthiest option, there are other healthy ways to spice up your tuna.  Adding a small dollop of low fat mayo, sliced celery, and finely chopped hard boiled egg with fresh dill and lemon pepper will transform your once basic can of tuna into a nutritious delicacy!

Now that you have an arsenal of healthy snack ideas, you will have to think of a really awesome excuse as to why you instead went for the fast food or the bag of chips!

Bon Appetite,

Cut Fitness   

Are you looking for SPEED?

Sometimes it can feel like you’ve been on the treadmill for hours, when in reality a mere 3 minutes have gone by.  We all know that cardio is a huge part of overall wellness and fitness.  Although on a regular treadmill, often times it is difficult to really push yourself without losing motivation first. With the Woodway Curve machine, you will sweat more than you ever would on a typical treadmill and get a butt-kicker of a workout in just 30 minutes.

Here are some advantages using our Woodway Curves,

  • The Curve will help you burn more calories as it is self-propelled, no electricity needed.  It has been suggested that you will burn 30% more calories on this machine!
  • This special kind of treadmill is the perfect way to practice interval training which will help improve your heart rate recovery, lactic threshold and overall your speed.
  • People at all levels can use the Curve from beginner all the way up to advanced.
  • The Curve helps you improve your posture and work on your stride, as longer strides will help you accomplish greater distances.
  • The Curve requires you engage your core to help with all the essential moving parts on your body, such as your arms and torso swing.

If you are interested in trying out The Curve, and working up a sweat, sign up for our Cut Fitness Speed class offered from 6:30-7:30PM on Tuesday’s or ZIZZLE on Wednesdays!

An trainer will provide you with an interval session to complete while The Curve will be able to measure your intensity and the distance you have covered. 

Experience cardio like you never have before, and learn the true definition of what it means to sweat and be self-motivated. We believe in you!

Cut Fitness


How to Become a Better Runner

Like with anything, it is important to remember that there is always room for improvement.  The tips listed below apply to anyone and everyone from beginning runners to running gurus.  Though at first glance running may seem straight forward, there are actually quite a few minute details that you will soon realize make a HUGE difference. 

  1. Reduce Tension in Your Hands: Many runners tend to hold tension in their upper body when they run.  Surprisingly, staying loose with your hands and working to avoid those tightly clenched fists will allow your shoulders to relax.  Simultaneously, this release of hand tension will also help you to conserve energy.
  2. Make Sleep a Priority: I am sure we have all heard it hundreds of time from our doctors to our parents, but it is detrimental to both your health and your running that you log enough hours of sleep.  Being well rested will improve your athletic performance and reduce inflammation and potential joint pain.  If you do happen to be injured, sleep will work its magic and speed up your recovery process too.  Especially if you are an early morning runner, make sure that you are getting to bed on the earlier side so that you have enough time to recharge your battery for the next day.
  3. Budget Time for Foam Rolling: While it may be difficult to allocate enough time to exercise alone, you must also consider setting aside a minimum of 5 additional minutes for after you workout to foam roll.  Why?  Foam rolling will do more than simply stretch out your muscles.  This process also aids in the recovery process and works to prevent injuries.
  4. Specialized Cross Training: Every time your foot strikes the ground, your muscles and tendons stretch out and then coil back in, much like a spring.  This occurs so that your body can absorb the impact of your foot repeatedly hitting the ground.  Specialized cross training, with an emphasis on power, will give your legs more energy and strength, making you run more optimally. Some exercises you can do to achieve this are box jumps, burpees, and/or weighted squats.
  5. Be Consistent With Pre-Run Food: It’s great to have a light snack of sorts before you hit the road or trail for a run.  After all, you have to fuel the fun!  Everybody digests food differently.  What this means, is that as you run, you will need to pay close attention to what you eat, the amount you eat, and the time you eat before you run.  This will help you to determine what formula works best for you.  When you are first starting to experiment with this, start by eating two hours before you run, moving up the time in 15 minute increments until you find the ideal amount of time that feels right for you. Once you find this combination, stay consistent with it!

Now what are you doing still sitting here? With new ways to improve your running, we hope that you are excited to get out there! Time to hit the trails or the road and log some mileage with these new cool tips.  Looking forward to hearing about your running adventures. Please feel free to post your comments below.

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