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Are you looking for SPEED?

Sometimes it can feel like you’ve been on the treadmill for hours, when in reality a mere 3 minutes have gone by.  We all know that cardio is a huge part of overall wellness and fitness.  Although on a regular treadmill, often times it is difficult to really push yourself without losing motivation first. With the Woodway Curve machine, you will sweat more than you ever would on a typical treadmill and get a butt-kicker of a workout in just 30 minutes.

Here are some advantages using our Woodway Curves,

  • The Curve will help you burn more calories as it is self-propelled, no electricity needed.  It has been suggested that you will burn 30% more calories on this machine!
  • This special kind of treadmill is the perfect way to practice interval training which will help improve your heart rate recovery, lactic threshold and overall your speed.
  • People at all levels can use the Curve from beginner all the way up to advanced.
  • The Curve helps you improve your posture and work on your stride, as longer strides will help you accomplish greater distances.
  • The Curve requires you engage your core to help with all the essential moving parts on your body, such as your arms and torso swing.

If you are interested in trying out The Curve, and working up a sweat, sign up for our Cut Fitness Speed class offered from 6:30-7:30PM on Tuesday’s or ZIZZLE on Wednesdays!

An trainer will provide you with an interval session to complete while The Curve will be able to measure your intensity and the distance you have covered. 

Experience cardio like you never have before, and learn the true definition of what it means to sweat and be self-motivated. We believe in you!

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