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Eddie Judge

Eddie Judge

Co-Founder & Head Trainer

I live to change lives. Join me in one of my classes anytime.
I will NOT disappoint.

Tamra Judge

Tamra Judge

Co-Founder & Bikini Fitness Competitor

I want to inspire you to do what you think you cannot do.
Good things do not come easy but are always worth it at the finish line.



Studio is open during any class time.
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Monday - Friday
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What We Offer

Schedule your private tour via email, or
call 949.284.0172
Private Small Gym Environment
Avoid BIG crowded gyms.
Personal Training
- Private One-On-One
- Small Group Personal Training
Strength, Cardio and Mobility Classes
Classes for all levels.
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"The trainers focused on my form during the workout to make sure I wasn't hurting any parts of my body and they adjust around my shoulder injury."



About CUT Fitness

CUT fitness is Orange county's premier training facility. With state of the art equipment and top-notch trainers, CUT fitness blends unique cardio and strength training to motivate, push, and challenge athletes of all levels. In addition, CUT fitness' knowledgable staff can work with each individual on meal plans and supplements to ensure you're fueling your body to maximize success and results. Whether it's training for a marathon, conquering obstacle courses or working out to stay healthy, our team can get you on your way.

Private Small Group Team Training

Our Private Small Group Training is designed to take any small group or team to their next level of fitness. We create a team setting to build you as a group to take on any physical challenge you may have individually or as a team. You will not only be stronger, faster and leaner, you will be in the best physical shape of your life without the risk of injury. This program is to prepare you for the next level of fitness.

Personal Training

One-on-one has become a specialty service. We provide personal training for those looking to hone in on certain personal challenges or those looking to focus on their personal goal. We can help anyone at any age.

Meal Planning & Supplements

Our meal planning & Supplement service is personalized to your goals. There are no template meal plans and not everyone needs protein powered. You get nutrition support with your premium membership.

Body Composition Assessment

We measure your progress and show you results. A metabolic assessment is included with your premium membership. We are committed to helping you reach your health and fitness goals.

Weight Loss

Looking to lose a few pounds? We can help you do this as well. Schedule a consultation with one of our coaches. We will design a workout program and discuss your eating habits. Once we understand your lifestyle, we can better suggest ideas to help you reach your goals. Losing weight does not mean you stop eating.

Heart Rate Training

We use the most advanced Heart Rate Monitoring technology to help you stay on track. Visit our studio today to see for yourself how we personalize your experience while in a group setting.

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CUT Fitness Classes

All classes are for all levels of fitness! From someone who has never exercised to the most elite athlete, we can help you build, maintain and enjoy your fitness journey.


Lower Body Emphasis

This session builds your leg strength, endurance and muscular balance. It’s designed to burn fat and build muscle with a focus on lower body strength.

All levels of fitness are welcome.

Targets: Glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, hips and abs.


Upper Body Emphasis

This session builds foundational strength and progressive upper body mobility. We incorporate resistance training by utilizing free weights, barbells, resistance bands, bodyweight, dumbbells, sandbags and more with a focus on upper body strength.
All levels of fitness are welcome.

Targets: Upper body - Chest, arms, Shoulders, back, cardio and core strength.


Total Body Session

This is one of CUT Fitness’s signature workouts. It is a total body strength training session using the latest exercise techniques. We incorporate body weight training and resistance equipment to increase your entire body's muscular strength and endurance. Think, legs, chest, biceps, triceps, back, shoulders, core and more. All major muscle groups that work together to pull, push, lift with safety and effectiveness in mind...

All levels of fitness welcome.

Note, this workout varies from week to week. One week could be muscular strength. Another week could be muscular endurance and some weeks could be MAXOUT. Speak to your coach about your experience with lifting weights for further guidance. YOU WILL BE SORE.


Total Body HIIT

This circuit base session is set in a variety of work stations each designed to challenge a different part of your fitness. It will challenge your entire body’s strength, endurance, balance, core, agility, speed, plyometrics and overall athletic ability. We combine intervals of challenging movements using various athletic exercises that will keep it safe and effective.

All levels of fitness welcome.

Targets: All Major Muscle Groups - chest, arms, shoulders, back, cardio and core strength, speed, agility and mobility.

Note: This workout varies and does not always include all the modalities mentioned. Some days may have upper body emphasis and other will have lower body emphasis.


Cardiovascular Conditioning

This session builds on your personal cardio strength. We use the super high end Woodway CURVE treadmills designed to make you NOT just a more efficient runner but a faster runner overall. Combine the CURVE with TRX and other modalities and you have our most intense cardio session; CARDIO X.

If you do not like to run, you will love to after you run on our CURVE’s…

All levels welcome however, this session will push your CARDIO level to it’s max every session. We recommend you approach this workout with a cardio base that includes the ability to run 2-3 miles without stoping. See our coach more details.

Targets: Lungs, core flexibility and mental toughness


Core Strength Session

This session is set in a short, 20-30 minute block of functional core movements that strengthen and condition your core. Everything between your shoulders through your abs, obliques, back, hips and glutes. It hones in on torso muscles that connect to your upper and lower body and is ideal for tightening your belly fat area. This session also helps assist in preventing injury by strengthening your core movements.

Targets: Everything from and in-between shoulders, hips & glutes.

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Pricing Options

1 Class Trial (Local Residents ONLY)

$10 INTRO Trial

Good for 1 Class. Must live or work within 5 mile radius. Must be used within 5 days of purchase.

  • Accessible: Mon – Sun
  • All Class Times: 5A.M – 8P.M
  • Personalized Meal Plan: No

Drop In Fee

One Class

Good for One Class
Membership Not Required

  • Accessible: Mon – Sun
  • All Class Times: 5A.M – 8P.M
  • Personalized Meal Plan: No

10 Classes

10 Pack Series

Good for 10 Classes
(22 per class)
Expires 2 months from purchase

  • Accessible: Mon – Sun
  • All Class Times: 5A.M – 8P.M
  • Personalized Meal Plan: No

20 Classes

20 Pack Series

Good for 20 Classes
($18 per class)
Expires 4 months from purchase

  • Accessible: Mon – Sun
  • All Class Times: 5A.M – 8P.M
  • Personalized Meal Plan: No

30 Classes

30 Pack Series

Good for 30 Classes
($15 per class)
Expires 6 months from date of purchase

  • Accessible: Mon – Sun
  • All Class Times: 5A.M – 8P.M
  • Personalized Meal Plan: No


1 Month Unlimited Access

Good for One Month Unlimited Classes
(No Long Term Commitment)
Available Online

  • Accessible: Mon – Sun
  • All Class Times: 5A.M – 8P.M
  • Personalized Meal Plan: No

6 Month Agreement

6 Month Unlimited Access

Good for 6 Month Unlimited Access
(6 Month Commitment)
Available IN-STUDIO only

  • Accessible: Mon – Sun
  • All Class Times: 5A.M – 8P.M
  • Personalized Meal Plan: 10% Discount

12 Month Agreement

12 Month Unlimited Access

Good for 12 Month Unlimited Access
(12 Month Commitment)
Available IN-STUDIO only

Per Month
  • Accessible: Mon – Sun
  • All Class Times: 5A.M – 8P.M
  • Personalized Meal Plan: 20% Discount
Dillon George
Hello, I am Dillon George, NASM personal trainer, ACE nutrition specialist, and group fitness coach at Cut Fitness. Exercise changed my life and inspired me to attain a B.S. in Kinesiology (Exercise Science concentration) from Pacific Lutheran University. Since then, I have committed to unveiling the amazing capabilities of the human body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with all of our clients. Utilizing the most effective methods and techniques, you can expect amazing results and an incredibly fun workout. Join me and get most effective training to help you achieve your fitness goals.
Strength Trainer
Dillon George
Andrea Galbreath
Hello, I'm Andrea Galbreath, Personal Trainer and Life Coach. I am passionate about health and have been for many years. I began my career as a social worker in 1999. After working many years with individuals suffering from chronic and terminal illnesses I realized I had to make some of the same health changes I recommended for some high health risk clients. I decided to change career paths and focus on health promotion and disease prevention. I found my calling and now love helping others become happy and healthy.
Personal Trainer
Andrea Galbreath
Carl Hyndman
Hello, I'm Carl Hyndman, a cycling instructor at CUT Fitness. With training and sports always part of my lifestyle, I refined my competitive nature to include competitive cycling and hold a USA Cycling license for road and mountain biking as a Category 2 competitor. I hold a certification for spin classes and continue to improve my training skills to keep my class motivated and strong.
Cycling Instructor
Carl Hyndman
Strength TrainerDillon George Personal TrainerAndrea GalbreathCycling InstructorCarl Hyndman

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